The HKUST Card is the result of the collaboration among many University department/offices and external partners.

In particular, acknowledgement is due to the following:

Inter-departmental project team

  • Information Systems Office (ISO)
  • Information Technology Services Center (ITSC)
  • Academic Registry (ARO)
  • Human Resources Office (HRO)
  • Finance Office (FO)
  • Media Technology & Publishing Center (MTPC)


The smartcard teams from

  • The Cyberspace Center, Department of Computer Science, headed by Prof. D.Y. Yeung
  • The Department of Information and Systems Management, headed by Prof. K.Y. Tam


  • The Bank of China, who
    • sponsored the initial batch of replacement smartcards for all staff and students;
    • contributed generously to the cost of printing and encoding equipment; and
    • participated actively in the technical, business, and project management aspects of the project.
  • Sun Microsystems, who donated a dual processor E450 server to house the payment gateway