Administrative Matters (for Students)

Who is Eligible

The HKUST card is the identity card issued to students of the HKUST upon registration.

Conditions of Use

Students should note the following conditions of use of the HKUST Card:

  • Students are required to carry their HKUST card as a proof-of-identity on campus.
  • Students should take necessary care of the card, including steps to ensure the confidentiality of the personal PIN. Click here for a list of things to do after receiving the HKUST Card.
  • Students should update the information recorded on the HKUST Card regularly (e.g. at start of a new semester). This can be done by using the Manage My HKUST Card functions on Student Intranet and selecting the Update Data on Card  function.
  • Holders of the HKUST card are entitled to the stipulated rights and privileges enjoyed by the University community, in accordance to the rules and regulations of the University.The HKUST card is not transferable. Falsification or misuse of the card may constitute an offence, which may lead to suspension of privileges and disciplinary action.

The HKUST Card is the property of the University and must be returned to the University when required.

Validity Period

A HKUST Card is issued to every student upon first registration at the University and is normally expected to last throughout the duration of his/her study. The card itself bears an internal validity period that is determined by the registration status of the cardholder.

Validity dates will also be adjusted accordingly for students who are

  • on exchange
  • on study leave
  • under suspension
  • terminated or withdrew

To ensure that the revised validity date is updated to your HKUST Card, please go to the Manage My HKUST Card service on Student Intranet and invoke the Update Data on Card  function. This should preferably be done at the start of each semester.

Graduating students in their last term of study should note that the expiry dates of their eligibility to different University services might vary.

The extent of the validity period for various categories of students will be reviewed from time to time by the Academic Registry (ARO) and adjusted as necessary.

Loss and Replacement

To safeguard against misuse, cardholder should report loss of the card as soon as possible and apply for a replacement card to ensure continued proof of his/her identity.

Reporting Loss

  • For students, card loss should be reported to the HKUST Card Management System. To access this function:

          - logon to Student Intranet.

          - select the "Manage My HKUST Card" function, followed by the "Report loss of a card" option and follow the instruction on screen.

            (Note that reporting loss on the web will merely suspend the services available. A replacement card will not be generated automatically. The cardholder will have to approach ARO to apply for a replacement.)

  • In case the reported lost card is subsequently recovered, you can re-activate the lost card by

          - logon to Student Intranet

          - select the "Manage My HKUST Card" function, followed by the "Re-activate a lost card" option and follow the instruction on screen.

           (Note that card re-activation is not possible once a replacement card has been issued.)

Application for Replacement

Student should apply to ARO for a replacement card by submitting

  • An "Application for Replacement of the HKUST Card" Form (Form RR-26a, you may download it from ARO web site).
  • A replacement fee of HK$150.

         Payment could be made:

              o by Credit Card online. Go to "Miscellaneous Purchases" in the Student Center of the Student Information System (

The printout of the effected transaction should be enclosed with the completed application form for verification of payment.

Damaged Card

If the HKUST Card is damaged such that the card functionality is impaired, students may apply for replacement of the damaged card.

The damaged card should be returned to ARO in exchange for the replacement.

Card Return/Termination

Students must return their HKUST cards to ARO upon termination or withdrawal from the University.


The remaining amount in the HKUST Card e-Purse is refundable. The HKUST Card e-Purse will be disabled after refund since it will not be used further.

Card holders are strongly recommended to use all amounts in the e-Purse before they depart HKUST. In the occasion that a card holder requests for refund, he/she has to fill in an application form and bring it to the Finance Office in person.

Things to do after receiving your HKUST Card

The HKUST Card comes with the following:

A default personal Card PIN
A set of data related to the cardholder
To ensure secure usage of the card, the cardholder should take steps to

Reset the default Card PIN to one of his/her own choice and ensure its confidentiality
Ensure that the information stored on the card is up-to-date (and to update the data if that is not the case)
A document on "Things to do after receiving your HKUST Card" is available to explain how to carry out the above-mentioned actions.