Administrative Matters (for Access)

Who is Eligible

Temporary staff or persons who do not possess HKUST Card but need to access University premises and facilities.


Conditions of Use


  • Access Card is a facility card with the sole purpose to facilitate the cardholder to gain authorized access to University premises and facilities.
  • This Card does not bear any personal identifications of the cardholder on the card surface, such as name and photo. It may therefore be re-used by different users. 
  • The Human Resources Office issues Access Cards to departments/offices upon applications (click here for details). The respective department/office will be authorized by a set of web-based functions to control over the issuance and management of their Access Cards.
  • Cardholders should take necessary care of the Card, including steps to ensure the confidentiality of the personal PIN.


Validity Period

Respective departments/offices take full control on assigning the validity period inside their access cards.

Lost / Damaged Card

  • Card loss should be reported to the respective departments/offices at the earliest possible time.
  • To expedite reporting of a lost card, particularly when the loss is discovered outside normal office hours, a web- based function is available. To access this function
    • connect to the My Admin Intranet via the "My Admin Intranet" link on the ITSC Staff Intranet or directly at
    • select the "Manage your HKUST Card" function, followed by the "Report loss of a card" option and follow the instruction on screen.

(Note that reporting loss on the web will merely suspend the 'lost' card from accessing facilities available. A replacement card will not be issued automatically. The cardholder will have to approach departments/offices to apply for another card.)

  • In case the reported lost card is subsequently recovered, you can re-activate the lost card by
    • connect to the My Admin Intranet via the "My Admin Intranet" link on the ITSC Staff Intranet or directly at
    • select the "Manage your HKUST Card" function, followed by the "Reactivate a lost card" option and follow the instruction on screen.

Damaged Card

If the Access Card is damaged such that the card functionality is impaired, the cardholder should return it to the respective departments/offices and apply for another access card as needed.

Card Return

Cardholders must return the Access Cards to departments/offices when they are not required to access the facilities any more. Responsible persons of departments/offices may reset the Access Card and re-assign it to another person.

Things to do after receiving your Access Card

The Access card comes with the following:

  • A default personal Card PIN
  • A set of data related to the cardholder

To ensure secure usage of the card, the cardholder should take steps to

  • Reset the default Card PIN to one of his/her own choice and ensure its confidentiality
  • Ensure that the information stored on the card is up-to-date (and to update the data if that is not the case)

A document on "Getting ready to use your Access Card" is available to explain how to carry out the above-mentioned actions.