Manage your HKUST Card


A set of web-based functions is available for the cardholder to change the card PIN, view the data on card, carry out updates, report loss/found, enquire e-purse remaining balance, etc.

Visit the following URL to access these functions:

  • For students :
    logon to Student Intranet -> select Manage My HKUST Card under "My Studies->Miscellaneous"
  • For staff :
    go to My Admin Intranet -> select My Personal Corner -> select Manage My HKUST Card


Access Points

A smartcard reader is required to carry out these functions. Currently reader-equipped PCs can be found at the following locations :

  • in all the Computer Barns
  • all Virtual Barn Workstations
  • on the G/F of the Library
  • selected PCs in department offices
  • at the issuing offices ( ARO - for students; HRO - for staff )

Additionally, anyone with a compatible smartcard reader can setup his/her PC to access card functions and services on campus. For details, please visit here.