Add Value by VISA/MasterCard

  • HKUST staff and students who hold any VISA/MasterCard may add value to their HKUST Card e-Purse by debiting their credit card.
  • You may follow the step-by-step guide below for adding value to your HKUST Card e-Purse:
    1. Access the Manage your HKUST Card service for Student / for Staff
    2. Select the "Add Value to e-Purse by VISA/MasterCard" function.

    3. Specify the amount to be added to your HKUST Card e-Purse and then click [Proceed]

    4. Confirm the specified amount. Click [OK] to proceed

    5. Insert your HKUST Card into the smartcard reader and enter your Card PIN as prompted. Click [Proceed]

    6. Input VISA/MasterCard information. Click [Proceed]

    7. Wait for adding value to HKUST Card e-Purse

    8. An acknowledgement page will be displayed informing you that the add value operation is completed and of the new e-Purse balance.

  • You may view current balance of your e-Purse by using the "View e-Purse details" function provided in Manage your HKUST Card service for Student / for Staff.